Sustainable Chemical Solutions

We are leaders in environmentally friendly chemical products for waste water treatment, odour control, and cleaners. Custom engineered and field proven. Unlimited number of applications.

Waste Water Treatment & Odour Control

Q7 Waste Water Treatment products offer an environmentally friendly bio-remediation of fats, oils and grease. From municipal waste water facilities to outdoor bathroom facilities, our products provide a safe alternative to harsh chemicals.

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Bio-Degradable Cleaners

Our full line of cleaners and degreasers are environmentally friendly, non-corrosive, and can be used in environmentally sensitive areas. 

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NeutraGas 365 H2S Scavenger is an environmentally friendly biodegradable alternative to toxic chemicals and reaction products specifically designed for the removal of toxic H2S gas and other compounds containing Nitrogen and Sulphur. NeutraGas 365 gives superior gas removal through permanent chemical bonding.

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Waste Water Treatment & Odour Control

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H2S Scavenger
Neutragas 365

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