Application Methods

Fluid Treatment

Load pre determined amount of NeutraGas® onto tank or vac truck. Load on fluid to be treated, circulate between vessel/tank and fluid truck.

Tank Cleaning

  1. Spray the NeutraGas® into a contaminated vessel using a pressure washer. Simply add the NeutraGas® into the ‘soap’ line of a pressure washer, tie the pressure washer into a sight glass or any high inlet on the vessel and spray. By doing this, you are capable of coating the inside of the vessel for optimal effectiveness.
  2. If you are purging the system with N², place a ‘T’ in the N² flowline to the contaminated equipment and pump NeutraGas® to the line using a texsteam pump/baker can.
  3. Rolling tanks – you can add a given amount of NeutraGas® into a large volume of water and roll the water from tank to tank using a fluid truck, vac truck or transfer pump.

Flowback Treatment

NeutraGas® can be utilized for sweetening up sour frac water/produced water/oil/condensate by injecting it into the flow. This will provide agitation time between the fluid and NeutraGas®

Final Note:

NeutraGas® is most effective when applied through any form of mechanical agitation. Pumps, injection methods into flow are two examples.

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