Case Studies

  1. A major oil and gas company was having issues with disposing of their sour waste water/oil. The competitive product would leave a foul odour and the disposal plant would not accept their fluid which resulted in them having to travel 7 hours to disposal instead of the usual 1 hour. They switched over to Neutragas and are now using less scavenger and are back to the 1 hour trip for disposal.

  2. A worldwide oilfield service company was working on a flowback water treating job. They were circulating 80 m3 of sour water an hour at 2500 ppm of H2S. Using Neutragas, they were able to sweeten the water to 0 ppm and the oil and gas company was able to reuse the water for their milling operations. This was possible only because Neutragas does not cause any solids to build up and keeps everything in suspension. The sweetened water treated with Neutragas was then pumped down the well, the well went sweet with zero trace of sour to surface.

  3. Two pails of Neutragas was added to a rig tank holding 28 m3 of fresh water. The water with the Neutragas was then pumped down the well prior to starting the workover operations. Once the well was circulated over, there was no H2S and the rig crew was able to safely work on the well. These conditions held for the remainder of the job.

  4. Several major trucking companies have called to tell us that they are using 10 litres to remove H2S ranging from 2% to 5% from their tankers and B-trains. They simply add Neutragas into the tanks with a sprayer and the tanks are going sweet instantly. 

  5. Another fluid hauling company loaded a single pail of Neutragas into a 50 m3 b-train truck prior to loading 50 m3 of 4.5% (45,000ppm) sour oil. When the truck reached the plant, the oil was tested again and the H2S had dropped down to 20 ppm. The customer called and was amazed with the results.

  6. A major North American oil company that uses Neutragas called to report that they were able to clean 5 x 50m3 storage tanks, the tester’s vessel, sweetened 20 tons of frac sand and sweetened 2 x 30m3 trucks loads of water with less than 400 litres of Neutragas. H2S was over 2%.

  7. Oilfield service companies have been using Neutragas in their liquid scrubbers and having great success. A client was scrubbing over 5% sour for almost 2 weeks and when the job was finished, the scrubber was still not spent.

  8. Another customer is taking a pail of Neutragas and dumping down the tubing before they start to work on a sour well. They let Neutragas sit for 30 minutes after pouring it in to tubing and then start working.

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