Frequently Asked Questions

How fast is NeutraGas 365 able to remove H2S?
The reaction with NeutraGas 365 and H2S is instant once contact is made.

Is there an upper limit to how much H2S can be removed by NeutraGas 365?
No! NeutraGas 365 has been successful in removing H2S from gas and fluid as high as 38%.

How do you remove the used and unused NeutraGas from Hydrocarbons?
The product is 100% miscible with water and this is a SINGLE PHASE system only. There is no effect on hydrocarbons.

What is the effect of the scaling potential of the system with reacted or un-reacted chemical?
NeutraGas 365 is pH neutral and will not cause scale build up in pipelines or facilities.

Is NeutraGas 365 toxic in any way?
No! This is completely environmentally friendly, has no smell, is not harmful in anyway and requires no special handling.

What happens to NeutraGas 365 at higher temperatures?
As this is a water based chemical - the only thing that you will see is water evaporation then continued heating will cause the bonded H2S to burn off.

How effective does the mixing have to be?
No special mixing tools required with water – but for inline gas treatment, NeutraGas 365 should be atomized into the gas line to insure good mixing.

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