Why Use NeutraGas 365

Besides being highly effective in treating sour oil, water and gas for all levels of H2S, Neutragas is 100% safe to use! There are zero worries for environmental harm and most importantly, the persons handling Neutragas have no chance of being harmed. Neutragas 365 is easy to use and to transport since it is a non-regulated product.

Unlike traditional H2S scavengers, Neutragas does not form any solids to fallout of the fluid after the H2S has been treated, nor does it form any build up in the piping or well. Once Neutragas encapsulates the H2S, it stays in suspension eliminating damaging solid build ups!

Neutragas 365 is also extremely environmentally friendly as it is Biodegradable in accordance with the OECD 301 D Standards.

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Neutragas 365

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